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The Five Mistakes Holding You Back From Profitable Trading

The Five Mistakes Holding You Back From Profitable Trading

Justin Wise - Trader and Coach

  • Identify the trading mistakes

  • Learn what needs to be fixed

  • learn how to become a consistently profitable Trader!

Cracking Cryptocurrency Testimonials

These students broke past the five mistakes and become more profitable traders

"In the 4 months I have been here, the amount I have learned from just the course materials has been amazing. I have a strategy that has taken me through a pretty bad part of the market. Combined with everything else and safety margins set, I started with 8k USDT, that has more than doubled and I owe it all to what I have learned here. I no longer chase get rich quick schemes, no longer listen to noise online." - FVGWizards

"Honestly my first testimonial wasn't enough credit like this server helped me every single time I was stuck or did not understand jargon or charts I was able to come to the Technical Analysis channel or Market Analysis to get what I needed to go and google/research what I needed for the answer my damn head wanted. Once you have a source like this trust me you're golden, it is getting more rare to find these gems so as long as you are here you should stay or get your body on the dance floor now. The analysis here are extremally DEDICATED to giving trustful sources and providing insider information and even their own knowledge on Crypto is more valuable than you can imagine..." - kAos

I became so tired of feeling like this when trading...

So I identified these 5 Core Concepts...

Mistake #1:


Mistake #2:


Mistake #3:

Time Frame

Mistake #4:

Risk Management

Mistake #5:


With the full understanding of how to harness the power of these 5 Core Concepts, I have now helped thousands of people start feeling more like this 👇


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Now I have taken what I learned over the past 4 years of mentoring students, 6 years of trading, 10 years of studying finance, and distilled it into actionable information that will get you on the Pathways to Profit™. These are the intro 5 mistakes we must fix, FIRST.

It's time to get started by identifying

The Five Mistakes Holding You Back From Profitable Trading!

I’ve been a professional trader for over five years. I began in equities trading, moved to FOREX, and found my true home in Cryptocurrency.

I founded Cracking Cryptocurrency in 2018, to educate traders and help them prosper in this new industry. We’ve taught thousands of students across the world on how to create successful trading strategies and develop a winning mindset.

Born in New England, Raised in the Midwest, America. Bitcoin believer and advocate.

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Justin Wise

Justin Wise

Founder | Mentor | Lead Analyst

Stop making these five mistakes now!

Proven Ways to turn your Cryptocurrency, Stocks, or FOREX Trading around Faster!

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